The North Carolina Order of Confederate Rose was established in 1993 for the sole purpose of assisting the North Carolina Division, Sons of Confederate Veterans with their historical, educational, benevolent and social functions. Special emphasis is placed on the preservation of Confederate symbols. As there are few rules and restrictions to stifle the creativity of its members, North Carolina chapters are free to focus on the activities important to its members and local SCV Camps along with supporting their efforts on the state and national levels.


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The Stonewall Brigade Camp, Sons of Confederate Veterans is currently working to hold a mass rally against the desecration of Robert E. Lee’s tomb for Saturday, July 26th. We will hold a rally in downtown Lexington followed by a community wide presentation by Dr. Marshall DeRosa, Professor of Political Science at Florida Atlantic University at 4pm regarding the matter. We invite the community to attend the events and look forward to hosting an open discussion following Dr. DeRosa’s presentation titled “The Heroical Robert E. Lee: Under Attack by the Useful Idiots of the Ruling Class.” More information will follow.

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-Brandon Dorsey The Stonewall Brigade SCV1296