Black Rose Society

A History of the Order

At the 1998 NC OCR convention in Charlotte, the members approved the “Society of the Black Rose” as part of the state organization.   The goal of founder Yvonne Brown was to organize a statewide network to help with memorial services, to enlighten men and ladies to proper persona and to offer services or assist with services locally, statewide or in other states by invitation.  The structure was setup to have a “Keeper of the Rite” who would serve a contact person and a keeper of the services that can be adopted to help the SCV or anyone honoring a confederate or a Confederate memorial in their region.

The Black Rose was named in honor of the greatest widow in the Confederacy.  Her name was Rose O’Neal Greenhow and she risked her life trying to help The Cause.

Rose Oneal Greenhow

Click HERE for more information about Rose O’Neal Greenhow.


The Society of the Black Rose is a volunteer order to perpetuate the persona of a War Between The States widow at SCV functions, memorial services, grave dedications, etc.  It is open to any dues paying member of the Order of Confederate Rose and no additional membership dues are required.  There are now Black Rose Societies in North carolina, South Carolina, Texas, Tennessee and Louisiana. Other states are in the process of organizing.  There is a need for this group and the services offered.

Requirements for Membership in the Society of the Black Rose

  • A Black Rose member must be a member of the OCR in your state to join.
  • Members must have a complete period mourning outfit (period appropriate partial mourning is also acceptable)
  • There is no additional membership fee


Each member will receive a membership certificate to the Society of the Black Rose.  We have our own Order of the Black Rose membership pin which is available to members in all states.


Click HERE for the Black Rose Membership Application and Pin Order form or contact  Suzy Hagar for more information.

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