NCOCR Bylaws Revision April 29, 2017


of the



(Revisions 04/29/2017)




The name of this organization shall be: The North Carolina Society Order of Confederate Rose.



Section 1

The Purpose of this organization shall be to assist the Sons of Confederate Veterans organization in its historical, educational, benevolent, and social functions, especially the preservation of Confederate symbols.  This organization shall be a support group [01/14/2006] to the North Carolina Division of the Sons of Confederate Veterans and to the local camps thereof.

Section 2

The North Carolina Society Order of Confederate Rose functions as an organization thru the sponsorship of the North Carolina Division Sons of Confederate Veterans as a support group. North Carolina Society Order of Confederate Rose chapters must be sponsored by a SCV Camp and cannot be formed without a signature of a current member of the NC Division Sons of Confederate Veterans and a current member of the North Carolina Society Order of Confederate Rose.  [5/18/13]

Section 3

In respect for the North Carolina Division Sons of Confederate Veterans under no circumstances does a member of the North Carolina Society Order of Confederate Rose interfere with SCV business or express an opinion at a SCV meeting. We never ask what the SCV discusses in their meetings, how much money they have in their treasury, we never co-mingle our monies, or ask for a copy of the minutes to any of their meetings, and above all again we never interfere with SCV business. [5/18/13] If the SCV asks the NCOCR members to leave the SCV meeting, you as members of the NCOCR will immediately leave the room without verbal communication or fan fare. [9/13/2014]

Section 4

If any member of the North Carolina Society of Order of Rose has a proposal / violation they believe needs to be brought to the attention of the SCV, the member will contact their state president or state vice-president with the proposal / violation in question. In turn the officers will insure it is presented to the proper officer or staff member in the North Carolina Division Sons of Confederate Veterans organization. Under no circumstances does a member of the North Carolina Society Order of Confederate Rose present a proposal / violation to an individual SCV Camp.  [5/18/13]



Section 1

Any woman, man, or child of the age of ten who is recommended by a current member of the Sons of Confederate Veterans and referred by a current member of this organization is eligible to become an active member with voting and other privileges.

Section 2

Five members are required to start a chapter. All chapter membership certificates and chapter charters are issued and signed by the State President and or the Vice President to be valid. An individual chapter or member may not issue certificates or charters in the name of the North Carolina Society Order of Confederate Rose. [06/09/ 07]

  • It is the responsibility of the members of the NCOCR to know the content (rules and regulations) contained in the Bylaws of the NCOCR. [06/09/ 07]

Regular  Member of an established chapter who pays dues annually.

Life – member of an established chapter, or member-at-large, who pays one-time dues of $100.  Should the chapter dissolve, membership is moved to the Old North State (member-at-large) Chapter.

Member-at-Large – Regular or life member who is not located near an existing chapter, or is a former member of a chapter that has dissolved. If you transfer your membership from an existing chapter to the Old North State Chapter Members-at-large you are still bound to the by-laws of the NCOCR. Instead of

answering to a chapter president you now under the State President and/or Vice President. Regular members pay annual dues. Membership is placed with the Old North State(member-at-large) chapter.[3/8/14]

Associate – A regular or life member of one chapter (other than Old North State) may also become an associate member of a second chapter.  An associate member must pay one-half of the total NCOCR annual membership dues, which remains with the associate chapter (this also applies to life members who wish to be an associate member of another chapter).   The associate member has no voting rights in the associate chapter, cannot hold an office as an associate member including members-at-large within the associate chapter, and does not receive any additional certificate of membership from the NCOCR.

Honorary – Honorary membership is awarded by the NCOCR Committee to a non-OCR member in recognition of outstanding national or statewide support of the Southern Cause.  Nomination for honorary membership must be submitted in person by a chapter president at a quarterly NCOCR Executive Committee meeting. An honorary member shall receive a special certificate from the NCOCR and the state newsletter.  An honorary member cannot participate in any official NCOCR capacity or vote with any local chapter, and is excluded from joining the Society of the Black Rose.

Society of the Black Rose – A special, volunteer order within the NCOCR to perpetuate the persona of a War Between the States widow at SCV functions, memorial services, grave dedications, interments and re-enactments.  Must be a regular, life, or at-large member of the NCOCR to participate.  No additional dues are required for membership in this order.

Section 3

Membership in this organization may terminate by voluntary written withdrawal or by non-payment of annual dues.

Section 4

Local chapter and/or executive committee should handle suspension and expulsion. Any member or chapter can send a written grievance to the Executive Committee, which will consider the matter after giving the accused party fifteen days to reply to the charges. The Executive committee will then decide the matter, and a two-thirds majority of the executive committee is required for either suspension or expulsion.  [9/8/12]

  • If expelled from the NOCOR after complying with Article III Membership, Section 4, you may never be granted membership in this organization again. You may never join another chapter or charter a new chapter.  You may never file charges, either personal or monetary against the organization, individual member(s) or individual chapter(s).  [6/14/14]
  • Conduct unbecoming a southern lady or gentleman, shall include but not limited to malicious gossip / slander, bullying, harassment, intimidation of any kind, disrespecting other chapter’s boundaries, as well as fraud. Whether you are an annual or lifetime member you can be expelled with out reimbursement of dues paid. [9/8/12]
  • Social media, Facebook, Twitter, web pages, iPads, cell phones, etc. by written or verbal communications in an offensive manner, using common sense, including but not limited to offensive language, pictures, news articles, or comments about any person in the NCOCR including any associate organizations. [3/8/14] [3/12/16]
  • Communicating offensive statements about the Order of Confederate Rose.  [3/8/14]
  • Wearing NCOCR logo merchandise in an offensive or embarrassing manner. [3/8/14]
  • You must be a current member of the NCOCR to wear the 12” round patch (Either Version ). You must sign a statement to the effect that you will relinquish the 12” patch to whichever chapter/person you brought it from. If the patch is undamaged you may be eligible to receive ½ of the cost refunded from the chapter/person you brought it from.  [3/8/14]

Section 5

It is the responsibility for all chapter Presidents to inform their members that the bylaws and newsletters are now published on our web page. It is also the responsibility of each member to read and understand the NCOCR state bylaws. Each existing NCOCR member in good standing are grand fathered in and will not be required to sign an Avadavat of Understanding the North Carolina OCR Bylaws. When a new member as of 2/14/2015 either annual or life signs his or her application for membership they are attesting that they have read and understand the NCOCR bylaws. It is also understood that it is responsibly for all members to keep up with amendments to the bylaws as added. [3/14/15]



Section 1

The NCOCR State President and any member in good standing wanting to run for the state president position will need to declare their candidacy at the September NCOCR Council Meeting in the odd number year prior to election year.

  • A candidate(s) for state president must send the following information by email to the current editor of “The Carolina Rose” to be published in the February edition of our newsletter. The following information must be included.
  1. Biography of your qualification to be State President.
  2. Where you would like to see ourstate OCR to go in the future.
  3. Keep a good working relationship the NCSCV Commander as well as the

Commander and Chief of the Sons of Confederate Veterans.

  1. To attend all “National” Convention to represent the NCOCR at the Friday

Presidents Planning Meeting (this is done at your personal expense.)

Any NCOCR member in good standing who wants to hold a State Position whether it be, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Reporter, Chaplain, Aide de Camp, Keeper of the Rite of the Society of the Black Rose, Membership Recruiter, Web Master, Virtual Rose Coordinator or Rosebud Director, will need to declare their interest in the position at the September NCOCR Council Meeting in the odd number year prior to election year. They will need to tell us why they are interested in said position and what they think they can bring to the NCOCR. The NCOCR State President will then have the opportunity to appoint state staffing from the pool of candidacies. However, the NCOCR State President is NOT under any obligation to choose from the pool of candidates, she is free to make a decision based off of what she deems best for the Great State of North Carolina. [1/14/17]

Section 2


  • Voting is one member, one vote for the election of President.  Not a representation of a members vote cast by the Chapter.  Now, how to accomplish this without disclosing who a member is voting for and address write-in candidates.
  • The society incurs all cost; an envelope inside an envelope with a voting slip/ballot is mailed to each member.
  • The return envelope can be pre-printed with the return address.
  • If the ballot is printed on “red” paper, it can’t be copied.  If it is it comes out black.
  • The Vice- President will receive the votes or Chapter Presidents can bring their Chapter member’s votes to the State Meeting, if they are coming.
  • A member doesn’t have to physically be at the State Meeting to cast their vote, that is why you are provided with a return envelope to mail your vote or have a representative bring those votes to the State Meeting for those that cannot attend the State Meeting.
  • The date the ballots are mailed is the date that certified members are eligible to vote.
  • One ballot will be mailed to each certified member.
  • Each ballot will have a unique number assigned to it.
  • The election information and procedure shall be printed on the ballot.
  • The ballots are to be folded and inserted into the enclosed envelope and mailed to the Vice President.
  • Ballots not folded are to be discarded when opened.  This insures privacy, so the selected candidate can’t be seen through the envelope. Robert’s Rules of Order addresses the procedure to discard votes.
  • The ballots are brought to the State Meeting unopened.
  • Two or three volunteers are needed to count the votes and discard unfolded ballots or ballots that aren’t marked clearly.
  • After the pledges, these members remove themselves and open the ballots, throw away the envelope and count the votes.
  • The vote is announced at the State Meeting.
  • The ballot includes anyone that has announced they are running for the office of President.
  • This procedure insures that each member’s votes are represented fairly and privacy is allowed.
  • Ballot For President of the North Carolina Society 2011 Voting instructions:
  • Select one candidate of your choice
  • Fold the ballot in half, insert ballot into the enclosed envelope and return
  • Ballots not folded will be discarded:  (check one)  ABC [ ]  XYZ   [ ]  [5/02/98 & 6/27/98 & 5/3/08 &1/14/12] 

Section 3

Local Chapter

  • The Chapter President, Vice-President, Secretary, and Treasurer shall be elected by the member of the local Chapter.                                                                                                [5/15/2004]
  • It is the responsibility of the Chapter President to complete a chapter membership roster including the name, address, phone number, and email address of each member in good standing. On this roster it should also include the date chapter elections were held on even numbered years. A list of elected officers: Chapter President:________________, Chapter V-President:________________, Chapter Secretary:________________, Chapter Treasurer:________________. It is the responsibility of the chapter president to make a copy of the chapter roster for each member of the chapter.            [3/12/16]
  • It is the responsibility for the chapter President to inform their members that the bylaws and newsletters are now published on our web page. [3/12/16]
  • It is the responsibility of each member to read and understand the NCOCR state bylaws (as published on the web page). [3/12/16]                                                                                                                                   
  • If a Chapter President steps down, her Vice President takes over, the new President appoints a new Vice President for the remaining term. [5/15/04 & 5/3/08]
  • If the secretary or treasurer steps down the chapter president and vice president will appoint a new secretary and/or treasurer for the remaining term.                  [9/13/2014]
  • The chapter secretary is required to take accurate minutes to all meeting and if asked she will mail a copy to any member on there written request.[9/13/2014]
  • The chapter treasurer will be responsible for securing the EIN # for the chapter, opening a bank account with 2 signatures required on the checks this should be the current chapter treasurer and chapter president. The treasurer will keep accurate records, make deposits in a timely manner and make a report at the chapter meetings. [9/13/2014]
  • It is the responsibility of the elected chapter officers to attend their chapter meetings. If an elected officer cannot attend these meeting they are required to send a report to the chapter president, including any back up documentation, i.e. bank statements, correspondence, etc. If the chapter officer cannot attend at least 90% of the meetings or fail to fulfill their other duties they will be asked to step down by the President of the Chapter.  The chapter president, vice president and secretary will appoint a term replacement for the remaining. [9/13/2014]
  • Members of the local chapter must be present at a duly called meeting to vote, no proxy or mail in votes will be allowed. [9/13/2014]
  • Those chapter members in good standing at a duly called meeting shall constitute a quorum. [9/13/2014]
  • Your chapter must have at least four (4) meeting per year. Any other meetings will be voted on. Your chapter president shall inform all chapter members 14 days prior to the meeting either by phone or email. She must keep a log including the date and time of who she spoke with there answer as to whether they will attend or not. If email is used she must provide a copy of the email answer. The log and email responses will be given to the secretary and in turn they will be attached to the minutes of that meeting. [9/13/2014]

Section 4

The officers shall serve two-year terms, which may run concurrently with any other post held.  The Executive Committee may fill vacancies for the balance of their term.   [6/27/98]

Section 5

The Society President shall be the chief officer of this organization and shall conduct the meetings of the organization.  The President shall be a member ex-officio of all committees and shall perform such duties as are necessarily incident to the office.

Section 6

The Vice President shall perform all the duties of the Society President during the absence of the President.  [6/27/98]

Section 7

The State Treasurer shall keep an accurate account of all monies received and expended for the use of the organization, and shall make a report at the Annual Meeting or when called upon by the Society President.  [1/14/06]

Section 8

The Secretary shall keep the minutes of the meetings, handle all correspondence of the Executive Committee, and maintain and update the Bylaws. [6/27/98]

Section 9

The Reporter shall publish the State Newsletter. [6/27/98]

Section 10

The Aide de Camp shall send appropriate cards and messages to members and others on behalf of the Society at the request of the President or other members. [5/3/08]

Section 11

The Keeper of the Rites of the Society of the Black Rose shall encourage membership in the Society, maintain a list of members, and coordinate participation of members at suitable events.  [5/3/08]

Section 12

The Membership Recruiter shall assist local chapters with recruiting new members, and work to establish new chapters for SCV camps requesting them.  [5/3/08]

Section 13

The Chaplain attends council meetings and state conventions giving our opening prayer, pledge to the flags, blessing at lunch, and our closing prayer. She may write her own prayers. If we are participating in memorial services with the SCV they usually have their own Chaplain, but she will offer her services as needed. [3/8/14]

Section 14

The Virtual Rose Coordinator will keep a current list of email addresses for our members. When requested she will send an email to all members with information of interest to our members. It is the responsibility of our individual members to keep your email addresses current with the Virtual Rose Coordinator.   [3/8/14]

Section 15 

The Black Rose Secretary will keep a roster of members in North Carolina, as will as other states in the Confederation of State Societies. Reporting once per year with updated rosters to the Keeper of the Rite in North Carolina as well as states with in the Confederation of State Societies. She will also coordinate membership certificates and membership pins. The Founder of the Black Rose Society shall appoint the Black Rose Secretary.  [3/8/14]

Section 16

The Little Rose Bud Director shall keep a current record of our Rose Buds. Reporting activities as reported by their parents, suggest books and coordinator any activities.  [3/8/14]

Section 17

The Webmaster is responsible for maintaining our web site and Social Media pages. i.e. Facebook, Twitter. [4/27/14]



Section 1

There shall be an Annual Meeting of the organization in conjunction with the Annual Meeting of the North Carolina Division of the Sons of Confederate Veterans.  This meeting shall be open to all active members. Each member present shall have one vote, regardless of number of positions held.[5/3/08]

Section 2 

NC State Convention

  • Chapters that are hosting a state convention and the members of that chapter are still required to register and pay the full registration fee to the NCOCR. Whether we eat with the SCV or not we will write one check for our lunch.  [6/14/14]
  • Registration Fee: Pays for our lunch, whether we eat with the NCSCV or provide our own lunch. It helps cover the cost of our award including plaques, paperweights, frames for certificates, envelopes, name badges, paper, ink, etc.  [6/14/14]
  •  Head Count: It is important we get an accurate head count for lunch as we write one check our lunch. We still have to pay for the head count we committed to. We understand sometimes emergencies do come up and you have to cancel, however if we commit to 20 lunches and only 15 show up we still have to pay for 20 lunches. [6/14/14]
  • Deadlines: Time and date restrictions for (1) Printing Material (2) Getting awards engraved. [6/14/14]

Section 3

A quorum shall be constituted by those active members present at a duly called meeting.  [6/27/98]

Section 4

The order of business at the annual meeting shall be as follows:

  1. Call to order.
  2. Opening Prayer/Pledge to Flags
  3. Minutes of Previous Meeting
  4. Receiving of Communications
  5. Reports of Officers
  6. Reports of committees.
  7. Unfinished business
  8. New Business
  9. Election of Officers
  10. Closing Prayer
  11. Adjournment

The order of business may be altered or suspended at any meeting by a majority vote of the members present.  The usual parliamentary rules as laid down in the current version of Robert’s Rules of Order shall govern.

Section 5

There shall be four (4) General Meetings held quarterly each year. These meetings shall be open to all active members. Each member physically present shall have one vote, regardless of number of positions held. We shall not skype, video conference or any other similar form of communications during these meetings unless pre-approval is received through the NOCOR State President based on extenuating circumstances. [5/3/08] [1/14/17]

Section 6

Special meetings of the organization may be called at any time by the Society President or in the President’s absence by the Vice President, or by written request of a majority of the Executive Committee, or by written request of not less than five percent of the active members.  Ten days notice of any special meeting must be given to the members.



Section 1

The Executive Committee shall be a standing committee consisting of the Society President, Vice President, Secretary, four (4) regional members in good standing and one member at large in good standing, that all volunteer.  The president’s vote will be abstained unless there is a stalemate. The executive committee and the grievous committee are one and the same. The Society President shall chair these meetings, or in the President’s absence, the Vice President. If a person holds more than one office they one get only vote.  [5/3/08]  [9/8/12] [6/14/14] [4/29/17]

Section 2

The Executive Committee shall execute polices and decisions of the organization, direct the disbursement of funds, and formulate the goals and objectives of the organization. The Executive Committee shall report to the membership on its activities at the annual meeting.

Section 3

The Executive Committee shall meet on demand of the Society President, or in the President’s absence, the Vice President, or on demand of a majority of the Committee itself.  [6/27/98] [9/8/12]



The Society President shall appoint such ad hoc committees as are deemed necessary.



Parliamentary authority shall be the latest edition of Robert’s Rules of Order.



The bylaws may be amended, repealed, revised or altered, in whole or in part, ONLY by a simple majority vote by the members present and meeting the required quorum, at the annual state convention held in conjunction with the North Carolina Division, Sons of Confederate Veterans, in accordance with the following procedure and requirements:  If a member in good standing has a proposed bylaw amendment, it shall be emailed to the state President with copy (cc) to the treasurer ten (10) days prior to next state council meeting. State council meetings are held in January, March, June, and September of each year. The members of the state council will review proposed bylaw amendments at each state council meeting. The state council will take a vote on any proposed amendments. To be approved, a proposed amendment must receive a simple majority of the state council members by vote. A proposed amendment that fails to achieve a simple majority will not proceed to the state

convention. A proposed amendment approved by a simple majority of the state council will be brought by the state council to the next state convention and will be brought to the floor at a designated time for a vote by all members present, provided a quorum of at least one (1) member from ten (10) different chapters is present. Any proposed amendment(s) to the bylaws MUST be voted upon by the quorum prescribed by this article. If the amendment is voted upon and approved at the state convention having met the quorum requirements and having received a simple majority of votes, it will then be added to the bylaws. Any amendments to the bylaws will be subsequently posted to the organization’s website. [1/14/17]



Section 1 

Regular Dues 

Annual dues in the amount of $20 per Regular Member are due and payable as of August 1 of each year, with ½ of that amount to be forwarded to the Society by the Chapter by September 1.  Dues received after that date must include a $5.00 late fee per member. Payment to the Society must include a full roster of members, including Life Members.  [5/3/08]

Life Member Dues

Dues of $100 for Life Membership may be paid, with ½ of that amount forwarded to the Society.  [5/3/08]

Members-at-large will pay dues of either $20 annually or $100 for Life Membership directly to the Society. If a member-at-large transfers to a chapter, no monies will be transferred to the chapter.  [5/3/08]

Section 2 

The amount of dues may be changed through amendment to the bylaws. (See Section IX)   [5/3/08]



The Executive Committee may submit any matter to the membership in writing by mail for vote and decision, and the question shall be determined by majority of the votes received by mail within four weeks after such submissions.



No member, officer, employee, or the North Carolina Society OCR, shall be liable for the act of any member, officer, agent, or employee for their acts or failure to act under these bylaws, excepting for only acts of omissions arising out of willful malfeasance. A member may NEVER file charges, either personal or monetary against the organization, individual members, or individual chapters. [6/14/14]



The Executive Committee may adopt any insignia, etc., colors, badges, and flags for the organization, as it deems desirable.



The organization may be dissolved by a vote of two-thirds of the active members. In the event of dissolution, the property of the organization shall be distributed to the North Carolina Division of the Sons of Confederate Veterans. A chapter may be dissolved and its charter permanently revoked by a majority vote of the Executive Committee shall be a standing committee consisting of the Society President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary, Reporter, Aide de Camp, Keeper of the Rites of the Society of the Black Rose, Membership Recruiters, Chaplain, Virtual Rose Coordinator, Black Rose Secretary, Rosebud Director and WebMaster.  After a joint discussion with the president’s advisory team consisting of the State Vice President, State Secretary, Web the Master and immediate Past President, for counseling the State President when she deems necessary. If said action would serve to protect the integrity and good name of the Order of Confederate Rose. This decision shall be final with no right of appeal. [9/13/2014] [9/10/2016]