Organizing A New Chapter In North Carolina


Thank you for your interest in the Order of Confederate Rose.  We are pleased you would like to form the Chapter in your area.  Enclosed you will find information on how to get started.  If you have any questions please contact, Margaret Vincent, President of the North Carolina Society Order of Confederate Rose (910)271-3130 or Margaret Vincent 553 East College St., Warsaw, NC 28398. 

You do not have to prove Southern Lineage to join this fine and noble organization, only a sincere desire to preserve and promote our Southern Heritage and Southern way of life.  I personally believe the Order of Confederate Rose to be the finest organization to come along in 100 years.  We are a support group to the Sons of Confederate Veterans.  We do not compete with the UDC or any other Genealogical Society.  Attached you will find an application, information on the OCR, names of exiting chapters along with a list of officers, and a copy of the North Carolina State Bylaws. 

Getting Started:

Contact your local SCV Commander, explaining you would like to start an OCR Chapter in your community.  Ask him if he would set up a meeting and invite the wives, mothers, friends, and daughters of the local SCV Camp and those individuals who love the South and want to support the preservation of all-Confederate symbols and Southern heritage.  

Election of Officers:

President __________________________

V. President ________________________




*We recommend your checking account have two signatures.

2.) Explanation of membership fees: 

Regular Membership $20.00 a year from August 1 to July 31, $10.00 remains with the local Chapter and $10.00 per member is mailed to the state.  Membership pins may be purchased for $10.00.

Lifetime membership is $100.00, $50.00 to the local Chapter and $50.00 to the state.  (Lifetime members receive a free (classic) OCR membership pin in North Carolina.).   

You will receive a certificate, and a quarterly newsletter from the state.

Members at large will have their own chapter (there membership is $20.00 regular and $100.00 lifetime membership; monies are deposited into the state checking account (general fund.)   

3.) Application

Have your ladies or gentlemen fill out their application, with a check for $20.00/$100.00 made payable to the Order of Confederate Rose and give to your Chapter treasurer.  It is the responsibility of the Chapter treasurer to complete a membership roster for her records and mail one to the State President. 

4.) Setting up a Bank Account

Call the IRS 1-800- 829-1040 and get a tax I.D. number (any local accountant should have the forms, but you can do this over the phone.)  Select a bank (most use BB&T) and open an account in the Chapter name + North Carolina Society Order of Confederate Rose, using the tax I.D. # not the Treasurer’s SS.  You should require that the account be set up with two signatures (usually the Treasurers and the Chapter President.)  Record keeping can be done with the checkbook and periodic reports to the Chapter Membership. Remember this is a civic account and most chapters use BB&T.

5.) Bylaws:

All chapters must go by the NCOCR state bylaws.

6.) Communication with the Local SCV Camp:

Each Chapter should have a committee or at least one member who will be in communication with your local /State SCV, reporting any assistance that may be needed and then report to your OCR Chapter.

7.) Meetings

You should have at least one meeting per year.  We recommend quarterly meetings and more frequently if you feel it is necessary.  Some Chapters meet on the weekends at member’s homes and some Chapter will meet in conjunction with the local SCV monthly meetings.  If this is the case Rose member’s usually will eat with the SCV camp, enjoy their program, and then they will find a table or a quiet corner away from the men and hold their meeting or just talk.  Remember ladies; we are here to serve the SCV with their goals.  We do not get involved in SCV business. 

8.) Questions

I know this seems like a lot of work to form a Chapter, but it really is not.  The officers of the NCOCR will be glad to help and answer any questions you may have or contact Margaret Vincent at the information above.    


November 15, 2018