Little Rose Buds and Thorns

A charge to the parents, grandparents and our entire membership…

    …to inspire to instill in our Rosebud members a sense of understanding, appreciation and pride in southern history and traditions and to honor those who sacrificed so much in defense of their southern homeland.

    Rosebud members are encouraged to participate in education, benevolent and social functions as well as historical preservation with their peers.  They are also encouraged to attend OCR and SCV meetings and functions although this is not required.

    The Little Rosebuds was founded in 1999 at our council meeting held in March.  How fitting this meeting was held at the historical museum in Newton, NC.  Our members recognize that our youth are the future of the Confederacy and as they grow and learn their heritage, they will be prepared to pass the torch to yet another generation.  You as sponsors have a responsibility to guide and nurture their emotional inquisitiveness about their heritage, homeland and all that it stands for.  This our southland, where these rivers, valleys, streams and places we grew up, our families were born and buried, battles fields where our ancestors fought and some gave the ultimate sacrifice, where we learned to walk, talk and to pray.  Places where we made friendships, and the incarnation of all of our memories, all that we are, less we not forget.


We welcome each little Rose Bud  or Thorn into our Confederate family.

  • Each child will receive a membership certificate.
  • Your “Little Confederate” will be introduced into the Confederate Community with an initial introduction in our newsletter, “The Carolina Rose” to showcase your child’s activities – Confederate related or not.
  • Our Children are our future and we must start grooming them to take responsibility on keeping the memories of our Confederate ancestors alive.  This is indeed a grave responsibility as most in the outside community want us forgotten.

Requirements for Membership

  • Must be recommended by a current member of the SCV or OCR
  • Must be between the ages of birth and 10 years.  Girls are Rose Buds, Boys are Thorns
  • There is no membership fee.


For questions , please email Laura Stallard – Little Rosebud Director; For an Application Click Here to download